Using a kitchen designer to plan your kitchen renovation has many perks. There are some kitchen companies in Scotland that offer help with the entire renovation process from design to instalment. Some even offer a free design and quote for the work that you need to be done. Kitchen overhauls require careful planning and having an expert kitchen designer on hand to guide the process is a worthwhile idea. It’s worth visiting your local kitchen showroom in the Scotland area to see if they offer design services. If the kitchen company doesn’t offer design as part of the package they can still tell you more about what they do offer and show you a catalogue of completed kitchens they have worked on. Perhaps they offer cabinetry that you like or can show you worktops and flooring options that you may want to incorporate into your kitchen. They also usually keep an appliances price list that they can stock for you. Then you can source your own kitchen designer and also use the kitchen company for elements of your kitchen.

Planning your kitchen with your kitchen designer

Once you have visited a kitchen showroom in your area and spoken to the kitchen designer you can start planning your new kitchen. Or you will have to source a kitchen designer elsewhere that can draw up the design for your kitchen’s new look. It is important to assess the functionality of your current kitchen set-up. Does the layout work well for you or would you rather move some appliances around? In this case you will need an electrician and likely a plumber for fittings and fixtures. Are you happy with the style and colour scheme of your kitchen? When at the showroom be sure to browse through a catalogue to see which kitchen styles and colour themes appeal most to you. You may want to completely change your worktops and cabinetry and maybe even redo your flooring. If you feel the lighting needs upgrading that is something you can do too. Draw up a list of what you like and what you don’t like in your current kitchen and give it to your kitchen designer. In this way they will get a better sense of areas that need improvement and will be able to help you more effectively.

Choosing a style and colour scheme for your kitchen

Choosing your kitchen style is usually based on finding a theme that will fit in with the style seen throughout the rest of your house. The two most popular kitchens nowadays are traditional kitchens and contemporary kitchens. We will delve deeper into a handful of kitchen styles that are popular in Scotland. The theme of your kitchen can be changed with your kitchen overhaul. When discussing theme choice with your kitchen designer as well as colour schemes, be sure to browse a kitchen catalogue so you can look at kitchen designs that have already been done by the kitchen company you have decided to work with. Have a budget in mind and share that with your kitchen designer.

Choosing your cabinetry

Wooden cabinetry is very trendy nowadays. You can ask your kitchen designer to design bespoke cabinetry for you or you can choose cabinets at the kitchen showroom they work at. Cabinetry will be chosen after you choose your kitchen style and colour theme which we will discuss in more detail.

Choosing a traditional style for your kitchen

The traditional theme is elegant and timeless and has a modern American look and feel. It is clean and comfortable as well as welcoming. Traditional kitchens use classic design elements and fresh colours for a timeless feel. White tiling and paint are common to traditional kitchens. Panelled or glass cabinetry doors are common to this theme. Backsplashes, hardwood flooring and modern stainless steel appliances are synonymous with this kitchen theme. For worktops marble or quartz can be used. Crisp white is usually contrasted with dark brown woods.

Choosing a Contemporary style for your kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are modern and minimalist with artistic elements. This style is characterised by straight and horizontal lines and simplicity of design. Contemporary kitchens are very popular. A contemporary kitchen mixes a blend of new and old and polished elements for a sleek aesthetic. This style of kitchen is not full of extra details. The focus rather is on the juxtaposition and complementary aspects seen between materials, surfaces as well as colours. These kitchens aim for a geometric look. Horizontal lines give off a straightforward appeal. Unanticipated details like concrete flooring, silver knobs, chrome and lacquer details and small dashes of colour add an industrial atmosphere with a softened aesthetic.

Decorating your contemporary style kitchen

Decorating a contemporary kitchen provides endless opportunities for styling. There is no standard blueprint for contemporary themed styling but it is defined by minimalism, a clean look and feel and bold colour choices. Contemporary kitchens mimic a Zen feel with little clutter. Granite worktops work well. The materials that make up the various elements of the kitchen stand out whilst there is a tranquil atmosphere. Discuss worktop options falling under the contemporary style with your kitchen designer. They will provide some options that will complement the minimalist, tranquil theme. Your kitchen designer will have very good advice on decorating techniques if you have chosen this theme.

Choosing a transitional style kitchen

Transitional kitchens have traditional and contemporary design elements. They are characterised by clean and simple minimalism. They have a welcoming and traditional style. They offer the best of both worlds by mixing traditional and contemporary design elements. The juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary design is what defines transitional kitchens. The comfort of a traditional kitchen is embodied and these kitchens show off clean and simple design elements and embrace minimalism found in contemporary kitchens. Transitional décor draws from both styles. Transitional kitchens find harmony between proportions and materials. Worktops are usually a lighter stone colour like marble or quartz.

Choosing a modern style kitchen

Modern style kitchens are sleek and sophisticated. They make use of exotic, high-end materials. They are characterized by clean lines and timeless silhouettes. The styling is typically minimalist. This style is similar to contemporary style kitchens. Modern style kitchens make use of a similar styling technique to contemporary styling. There is barely any clutter and adornment is kept to a minimum. Polished worktops are complemented by dashes of colour to emphasise high-quality materials. Because there is not a cluttered decorative aspect seen atop worktops the people coming into your kitchen can truly appreciate the worktops, usually quartz, marble or granite. The materials used are usually high-end and luxurious. Pieces are usually classic and modern adding the timeless, elegant quality.

Choosing a farmhouse style kitchen

Farmhouse style kitchens are cosy and intimate. They are highly decorated. There is a lot of detail that goes into this style. Farmhouse kitchens make use of natural and premium materials. This style of kitchen makes us of a country-style flair and farmhouse elements. The general appearance ranges from natural and rustic to a more contemporary theme. Farmhouse style kitchens are very popular in Scotland due to their cosy appeal. Decorative elements are used like woven baskets and china sets laid out on display.

Decorating a farmhouse style kitchen

Different to minimalist and modern kitchens, farmhouse kitchens are full of details. Common details used are vintage doorknobs or pulls and hand-painted dishes. From ceiling to floor, farmhouse style kitchens will have visual appeal. Exposed wooden beams, brick accents, dashes of bold colour and country style knickknacks are all components of a farmhouse kitchen that add to its charm.

There is an emphasis on natural woods, copper pots as well as accents, woven baskets, glassware and vases, farm-style chairs around your kitchen island and sturdy wooden worktops.

Choosing a craftsman style kitchen

A craftsman style kitchen has artisan flair and makes use of natural materials. It has a rustic appeal and look. It makes use of fine craftsmanship. This style of kitchen is organic and earthy that boasts a unique, welcoming and comforting atmosphere. The Craftsman style dates back to the early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement that took place in the Industrial Revolution. It was then that home design, as well as architecture, became very artisanal. Kitchen furniture, worktops and cabinetry were hand-made, built to last a lifetime. Speak to your kitchen designer as the company they work for may offer bespoke cabinetry and have a team of craftsmen that can make up bespoke cabinetry to size according to your specific kitchen space. Wooden cabinetry is timeless and durable seen in this style of kitchen.

The craftsman kitchen is characterized by natural materials, mainly in the form of wood in various shades of brown. Typical of this style is solid crafted cabinetry and worktops. Often intricate woodwork and stonework is seen throughout this style of kitchen, giving off the artisanal appeal. This style of kitchen is rustic and welcoming in a warm, comforting way.

Choosing a rustic style kitchen

Rustic style kitchens make use of a multifaceted approach to decorating. They show off an abundance of wood and stone. The styling used is eclectic and they have a comfortable and earthy appeal. Rustic kitchens are versatile due to their multifaceted approach. They have a timeless décor style. These kitchens have a lot of wood and stone materials and include handwoven tapestries, distressed finishes, as well as unfinished surfaces accentuating natural fibres.

Similar conceptually to the Craftsman and farmhouse kitchens, rustic kitchens are different as they make use of an eclectic approach with a leaning to nature-orientated roots. Similar to log cabin interiors, a rustic kitchen is simple, practical and natural.

Choosing where to place your appliances after choosing your kitchen style

Choosing where to place your appliances is critical to a kitchen designer and the colour of the appliances will tie in with the kitchen style. If it’s a water-related appliance it will need to be near a water inlet and outlet source and if it’s electrical it will need to be placed near a plug point. Draw a floorplan of where your appliances are currently placed for your kitchen designer. They may have tips or advise on shifting appliances around for better use of space. You can speak to your kitchen designer about the appliances you currently have and the ones you wish to upgrade or even new ones you would like to get that you haven’t already got in your kitchen.

Orientating your bigger appliances

 Your kitchen will need a fridge and freezer. Have a look at the appliances price list your kitchen designer will show you. You may wish to upgrade your fridge and freezer and perhaps invest in a bar fridge where you can keep your white wines, beers, ciders and champagne. They will advise you on options according to your budget and functional needs. You will also need an oven and extractor fan with a stove plate. You can choose to go full-electrical, gas plates and electric oven or fully-gas. If you are converting to gas we would recommend getting an electrician or the kitchen designer’s fitment team to install it. An electrician is also needed to fit an electric oven.

Choosing and orientating your dishwasher and laundry area

You may not already have a dishwasher and want to install one. This will be for your plumber or kitchen fitment team to install. Dishwashers are all about convenience and work well for big families saving time on dishwashing. Other appliances related to plumbing points are linked to your laundry area. If you have a laundry area in your kitchen that may need a revamp. Your washing machine and tumble dryer may need upgrading. The kitchen designer can advise you on the latest tech and even advise on eco-machines that use less water. With an expert kitchen designer guiding you the process will be smooth sailing.

Orientating and choosing your smaller appliances

Smaller appliances in your kitchen would be the microwave, toaster, kettle, coffee machine, toasted cheese griller and blender. If you want to upgrade any of these appliances there are multiple brands to choose from with varying features and at different cost levels. Microwaves are a key element to your kitchen and there are various high-end options or more affordable options for you. Toasters these days have “Cancel” buttons and can come with crumb trays which are handy editions to your kitchen. Kettles can come in white stainless steel or bolder colours for more of a statement. Choose your appliance colour scheme to match the style of kitchen you have chosen.

Choosing your coffee machine

Coffee machines come in a variety of types. There are the French-press coffee machines, the pour-over option, cold brew and pod machines. The automated drip-coffee machine is most sought after and convenient. It can be built-in or freestanding. Features commonly seen are permanent filters, multiple servings, pause and pour and an auto-shutdown programmable up to 4 hours.

Getting a toasted cheese griller and blender

Toasted cheese grillers are handy for families with young children who want a snack after school so it would be a wonderful idea to invest in one. If you enjoy making nut butter, thick vegetable soup and salsa you will need a high-end blender with a strong motor and a variety of chopping settings. Speciality blenders can make smoothies, crush ice, purees, soups, baby food, ice-cream, nut butter and can grind down nuts and seeds as well as mix batter and make dough. However, if you only use a blender for smoothies, soups and cocktails choose a full-size blender that can puree ingredients and crush ice so bear that in mind.

Creating a kitchen island for your kitchen after sourcing your appliances

Kitchen islands are unique in that they serve multiple functions. They offer storage space if they are cabinetry based as well as a work surface with a worktop. They are also ideal for sitting down to enjoy the meal you have prepared. If you enjoy entertaining they are convenient and fun to sit at. The cook can be busy in the background while all the guests and family are seated at the kitchen island. Your kitchen designer can design a kitchen island for your kitchen if you don’t already have one or they can redo the cabinetry that makes up the island unit with bespoke wooden cabinetry and perhaps a quartz or granite top. You could even opt for a more affordable option. Our recommendation is to cover MDF countertop bases with a laminate of your choice. There are many colour and pattern options in laminate so choose your favourite one.

Choosing suitable flooring for your kitchen

Your flooring will be set off against your cabinetry and worktops so you will need to consult your kitchen designer to see what options will match what your kitchen will look like. The theme of your kitchen will affect the choice you make and available budget. Options include hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is durable, trendy and water-resistant. Laminate flooring is a warm as well as a water-resistant option for your kitchen flooring. It is not waterproof, so bear this in mind if you choose laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a less expensive way of getting the look of hardwood flooring. Tiled floors are durable and a good option for wet kitchen areas. Tiled floors are a popular choice in many kitchens. Ceramic tiles are popular for kitchen walls and floors. They are made from natural materials and in this case they are made from clay and then baked. They are waterproof and can handle almost any stain. Vinyl is possibly the most popular flooring choice over the last few years and is widely used. Many people looking at flooring options aren’t aware of modern vinyl flooring. The most basic as well as durable kitchen flooring choice is stained concrete. The finished result is sleek and can be suited to both modern or traditional kitchens.

Choosing the best lighting for your kitchen

Most popular these days is down LED lights that are both bright and sustainable. You could also get hanging downlights to hang above your kitchen island as a feature with lampshades or you could even try a chandelier. Consult your kitchen designer and run any ideas you have for your kitchen by them. Together you will find just the right lighting on an aesthetic and functional level

Using a kitchen designer to overhaul your kitchen guarantees a smooth renovation journey

After you have consulted your kitchen designer at the kitchen showroom of your choice in Scotland you will be on your way to achieving your kitchen overhaul goals. Or you can visit a kitchen showroom and use their cabinetry and worktops and employ your own kitchen designer. Kitchen designers are experts in their fields and will work together with you to assess which kitchen style you will need and will work alongside your budget to buy new appliances, redo flooring and lighting and possibly even install new cabinetry and worktops depending on the extent of the renovation you want to do. With a kitchen designer working with you, it will be a fun and fruitful project for you and your family.