Creating your own bespoke kitchen


There’s nothing more exciting than embarking on the journey of building a bespoke kitchen in your home!

Elements of design to consider

Bespoke kitchens are perfect for a home that has nooks and crannies and space that needs to be utilised well, spaces that need customised cabinetry for example. You need to think about what you want in an aesthetic sense and a functionality sense. It could help to compile a list of your desired aesthetics and how you want to make use of the space. For instance where will the sink go in relation to the kettle, toaster and blender. Do you want to make a spices rack or spice area? Do you want a pantry? Consider how much cooking you do with fresh ingredients versus canned and storable items. If you keep a lot of non-perishables a storage area like a pantry will suit your needs well. Do you want a countertop that doubles up as a eating space? You can choose seating options that fit in with the style of kitchen you require. If you entertain a lot having a seating area with bar stools in your kitchen will work well. Also consider a wine cooler next to your fridge or a bar fridge area.


Choosing the style of your bespoke kitchen

There are multiple kitchen styles available, but two main ones: modern and traditional. The modern range of kitchens offer a clean look and minimalistic shaker or “slab” style doors. Choosing a contemporary look will appeal to you if you’re looking for sleek edges and simplicity. The aesthetics of glass, steel and brushed aluminium appliances make for the perfect modern style. There are 6 styles within the modern range that are available for you to choose from. These are: Ellerton, Lichfield, Porter, Remo, Tomba and Unity. Each of these styles can be made up from a choice of colours for your desired outcome.


A traditional kitchen can also be chosen resulting in a warm, welcoming feel in your kitchen. The Country Classic kitchen and solid wood kitchens add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your home in general. If you come in store you will see that our painted kitchen range is inspiring and showcases that even a coloured traditional kitchen will suit a farmhouse or even a more contemporary, elegant home as a whole. There are 8 styles on offer within the traditional range: Broadoak, Cornell, Fitzroy, Langham, Lydon, Milbourne, Milton and Mornington. There is a varied colour palette to choose from to achieve your dream bespoke kitchen. Choosing your colour palette is based on personal preference and will tie in with whether you choose the modern or traditional look. How big is your kitchen going to be and does it have ample natural light? If your kitchen is smaller and dark, a lighter colour scheme will look better. This also gives the feeling that there is more space.

Appliances and products in your bespoke kitchen

Assess your current cooking regime. Are you a big baker or do you spend more time cooking general meals? A baker would perhaps like more oven space. If you’re all about convenience cooking then a combined microwave oven will suffice. If you’re a coffee fanatic you can allocate an area for your free-standing coffee machine. At Clearwater Kitchens & Bathrooms we can even build your coffee machine into a cabinet as a feature in your kitchen. Do you like keeping lots of fresh fruit and vegetables? You may want a separate fridge and freezer unit so there’s more space to store your food. Another aspect to

remember is you could potentially want to fit a washing machine and drier into your kitchen, so bare this in mind when planning which appliances go where.


The planning process

The vital part of making your dream kitchen come alive lies in kitchen design. Our kitchen designers are among some of the best in Scotland. We provide a quality professional free no obligation design and plan service from experienced designers. It’s about you telling us exactly what you envisage for your new bespoke kitchen or you can tell us what your require in terms of layout and we will help you find an aesthetic and style that matches your taste. If you have an idea of what you want to be in your kitchen space and if you want for example an island where your family and friends can sit while you prepare a meal then the design process will be taken care of by us. When it comes to installing the devices and appliances for your new kitchen it will be easy as the design team will have measured and the craftsmen will have made up cabinetry and cut work surfaces to size ahead of time.


With our team guiding the process we will take care of all the details from colour pallets, to measurements and our experts will fit the cabinetry and worktop surfaces for you with ease. Functionality is important so we will advise on where is a good place to fit certain appliances and help you discern if you want to go the modern or traditional look and feel route. Planning and design will be done according to your set budget so that things do not go over budget. The more you can share with our design team on what will work for you and your aesthetic taste, the better the end result will be. It’s also important for you to express your dislikes so our kitchen design team is on the same page as you. You can even provide the team with your likes and dislikes list of your current kitchen mentioned earlier. Our kitchen building and installation team will work according to your specific design guidelines to get the perfect looking kitchen ready for use.

The Timeline for your bespoke kitchen

The timeline for your bespoke kitchen building process depends on the space being worked with. Are you planning on replacing flooring or simply replacing a wall of cabinets? How complicated is the design work that will be involved? Are you going to use parts of the kitchen while it is being redone? We aim to have a turnaround time of one week, with possibilities of a few days.  This will be largely dependent on the above mentioned factors. For a complete kitchen overhaul and renovation, including extension and breaking up walls, we like to allocate 6 months for the whole project from design to fitting. Most of the time will be taken up by the planning office.  Planning and design will take a substantial portion of time so that your kitchen will be the perfect spot to cook and entertain.

Prepping your kitchen exterior walls

Kitchen cabinetry and units will be fitted into your kitchen according to precise measurements done by our designers. If you are gutting part or all of your kitchen it’s a wise idea to paint the kitchen walls before fitting and installing cabinetry and cupboard units. You will have to touch areas up once the wall units are installed. If your walls need to be sanded and touched up before repainting, it’s easy to work with an area once the old units have been cleared.


Planning for plumbing and electrical work

We have highlighted that forward planning and design are critical in the process of building your bespoke kitchen. With a precise plan of where all the units, cupboard space and appliances are going to be positioned in your kitchen, the plumbing and electrical work will flow from there. Plumbing and electrician work sometimes need a first and second fit. The first time round a sense is gained while there are no units in place. The aim would be to figure out where electrical and plumbing work can be hidden away out of the line of sight. The second round of fitting will take place after the units have been put in place. Taps and appliances will be connected. The plumbing work is important especially if you are moving fixed appliances or moving your sink area. In a big kitchen, grouping the sink, bins, crockery and cutlery into one area helps organisation in your space. The prepping and cooking area should contain the fridge, oven, pans and utensils. It’s also helpful to have the sink not too far away from the oven.

The fitting process of your kitchen

Our kitchen installation team are on hand to make sure that your kitchen will be well built and the overall look will be seamless and aesthetically pleasing. Our team will fit top quality cupboard units. We source our woods and materials from well-established and trusted suppliers. Make sure to visit our kitchen showroom to chat to our design team and speak to some of our kitchen builders and installers. Our kitchen fitment team have an eye for detail. The design team are experts in working with space and envisioning the end product. Our design team works closely with our kitchen builders so that we can see through the entire kitchen building process from inception to finish. It makes the process all the more convenient for you as we will handle the design details, material sourcing, unit making, electrical and plumbing work. We also do tiling should you need a splashback behind your oven or a tiled area around your sink.


Worktops can be made in a variety of materials from timber to quartz. Solid worktops need to be templated. The templating to fitting of worktops takes 1 to 2 weeks. Once worktops are fitted by our adept team, the sink and oven can be installed. The sink and tap can be functional while you wait for your worktop to be made. We can fit temporary work surfaces if needs be while you wait. Our professional fitment team will install the chosen custom made worktop for you. Our team will do final measurements before carefully installing the end worktop surface.


Our kitchen building team can assist with a tiled floor or a floor surface of your choice as per our menu of choices seen online or in our kitchen showroom. A tiled floor is appropriate to the moisture that will be in the air when cooking. We have a selection of flooring options for you to choose from be your choice more modern or traditional. The flooring is a personal choice but practically speaking our building team will advise on the most suitable floor surface for your dream kitchen.

The final product: your dream bespoke kitchen

With our team by your side from design to installation and fitment stage you will find the process to be seamless and successful. If you have a dream bespoke kitchen in mind come in to your local Scotland-based kitchen showroom to see how we can bring your kitchen to life. The beauty of creating a bespoke kitchen is that you can make use of your unique space and customise beautifully made cabinetry into the space. Why not come in today so you can meet with our design team and request a free design for your kitchen. Because we facilitate the whole process it will be smooth and effortless. Our expert designers will take your current space and transform your kitchen into one that matches all your aesthetic and functionality requirements. We cannot wait to join you on your bespoke kitchen journey!

If you’re based in Scotland, Clearwater Kitchens & Bathrooms offer excellent service and are adept at fitting the perfect bespoke kitchen in your home. A bespoke kitchen means that your kitchen will be built around how you want it to work instead of using ready built cabinets that you have to fit in to your space. Our team of kitchen designers are experts available to design a kitchen that is fully customised to your needs. From cabinetry to surface tops, lighting fixtures and seating areas we encompass the very best of quality materials to get the finish you are after in your bespoke kitchen. Your cabinetry will be fitted according to the space you have in your kitchen area instead of using cabinets that are pre-made. A bespoke theme means you can customise your kitchen so it’s unique and you can really make use of the space on offer to bring out and highlight specific pieces or appliances that you want to stand out.

There are several points to consider when you begin the process of building your bespoke kitchen. Feel free to come in store and browse through our kitchen showroom. You will find a variety of styles and finishes on offer that can inspire your very own bespoke kitchen. You can take home a catalogue that includes colour samples to see what will work in your kitchen space area. We facilitate the process from design to building and fitting so that you can sit back and watch your space transform into the kitchen you have always wanted!

Asses your current kitchen and plan for your new one

If you run through your current kitchen it’s helpful to decipher what you like and what you don’t like. Make a list of these points. Things to consider are where appliances are placed, storage, worktops and the seating area. These points will inspire the design you are after in your new bespoke kitchen. If you have a look at our options online or even come in store to our kitchen showroom you can get more of an idea of which kitchen look and feels appeal most to you. Think about work surfaces, splashback tiles behind your oven, islands and seating areas, the space and layout involved, colours, the materials to be used, tiling and flooring.



It’s important to have a figure in mind that you can allocate to your kitchen design and finishes. With this in mind you can browse the look and feel you are after using various kitchen catalogue or come to our kitchen showroom. If you are interested in fine wood cabinetry perhaps you can choose a slightly cheaper surface top like laminate instead of quartz. Our kitchen designers will help you visualise the end result and advise where you should allocate budget to and where you can save.


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