Kitchen renovations will improve your home overall and add value to your property. You can do a lot for your kitchen with a small budget. In the UK a basic kitchen renovation will cost approximately £5,700 – £17,100. Tips on areas to concentrate on in your kitchen renovation will be discussed. It is recommended to visit a kitchen company in Scotland and speak to their kitchen designer. The kitchen designer will have a host of home improvement ideas for your kitchen renovation that will improve it on a functional and aesthetic level. Having a budget in mind and allocating areas of expenditure will keep you from overspending on your kitchen remodel. 

Assessing the layout of your kitchen

If you decide to move your sink or stove and the location of your plumbing and electrical sockets it will come at a big cost. The amount of money needed will depend on the size, location as well as layout of your kitchen. If you speak to the kitchen designer at the kitchen company you are using they will advise you that sticking to the original floorplan and structure of your kitchen will reduce renovation costs. This applies to doors and windows too. You should aim to spend up to £11,500 on a basic kitchen remodel, keeping things where they are or even up to £17,100 if you want to do a bit extra.

Even though the layout of your kitchen will remain similar, you can add impact with colour palette and accessories. Your kitchen designer from the kitchen company you visited in Scotland will advise you that splashbacks and wall paint are affordable items that will add splashes of colour to your kitchen. Smaller accessories like bar stools, clocks to hang on the wall, fruit bowls add nice splashes of colour too. If you choose to have an eclectic kitchen, leave space for bright coloured vessels and open shelves to display crockery. Other kitchen styles include clutter-free modern kitchens and traditional, homely kitchens.

Choosing to buy new appliances

If you choose to keep your existing appliances it will save you on expenses. You need to figure out which appliances are still in working order, and will work for several years to come and which appliances need to be replaced. You may only need to focus on one or two critical appliances. If you need to buy new appliances you can choose plain units that work well and match your kitchen style. Look out for energy star rated appliances that will make your home more energy-efficient. This will save on your energy bills. If you choose to build your appliances into your kitchen you will need customised cabinetry which can be pricey. Speak to your kitchen designer at the kitchen company you are using about possible bespoke cabinetry to hide your appliances. 

Choosing worktops and splashbacks to suit your budget

Laminate is the most widely used and economical material for worktops in Scottish kitchens. It has evolved over the last few years and there is a variety of colours and styles on the market. It’s a practical, durable material for a worktop and costs £100 per square metre. Stainless steel worktops are also used, costing around £170 per square metre. Stainless steel is modern and sleek. If you have a bigger budget, laminated timber costs around £255 per square metre and works well on a functional and aesthetic level.

As a home improvement idea, splashbacks make a statement and don’t cost too much. You could choose a neutral, plain splashback or different colours and patterns. If you are on a small budget, cover only a small area above the cooktop. You could use mosaics or glass to create a pattern. Paint the remainder of the wall in antibacterial kitchen paint.

Choosing your cabinetry material

Using ready-made, ready to install cabinets is the choice to make if you have a small budget. There are a variety of styles available. You could also reface your cabinets by replacing only the doors and keeping structurally sound body work. The kitchen designer at the kitchen company you are using will advise you on doorknobs and handles that are small details that will upcycle your cabinetry. It depends on the extent of the changes you are going to make in your kitchen, and the state of your cabinetry. It may work out more affordable to replace all the kitchen cabinetry with standard cabinets. Or you could opt for the bespoke route and get your kitchen designer to design customised bespoke cabinetry for your kitchen. 

Choosing to reface your cabinet doors instead of buying new cabinets

Refacing your cabinet doors upgrades your kitchen at a more affordable rate. Instead of stripping the ‘carcass’ of your kitchen ( the body and frame of your cabinets) you can get new doors installed with drawer fronts, handles and end panels. Cabinet refacing is a popular home improvement idea used in many Scottish homes. This is cheaper than investing in brand new cabinetry. When refacing kitchen doors there are no set costs. It depends on the size of the kitchen door, the doors you choose to put on, handles and hinges. On average a small kitchen can start at £350. Refacing your cabinets in an average-sized kitchen  will cost around £500 and large kitchens in the region of £750 to £1,000 for large kitchens. You may even decide to keep the cabinet casings and install shaker doors in your kitchen for an elegant, sleek look. Shaker style cabinetry has been trendy for numerous years.

Choosing your lighting with a basic budget

Lighting is important in any kitchen and kitchens have both natural and artificial lighting. You need to see where the natural light enters the rooms from windows and doors. You can upgrade your lighting fixtures to make sure the task lighting is enough. Make sure your lighting is both simple and functional. Modern recessed lighting will brighten up the kitchen as a whole. Installing lights with dimmers will work well if you like entertaining friends and family in your kitchen at your kitchen island or dining table in an open-plan kitchen. LEDs are popular in Scottish homes and they are energy efficient. Pendant lighting also looks stylish. Discuss this home improvement idea with your kitchen designer so they can work out the electrical requirements for you.

Choosing your flooring material

Linoleum as well as luxury vinyl are affordable flooring options for your kitchen. They are both hardwearing, easy to maintain and resistant to water damage. Linoleum is a natural product that is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Luxury vinyl has a high quality finish and can mimic tiles of wood planks. This material has better acoustics and absorbs sound better than ceramic tiles and is warmer. If you are on a bigger budget, ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring will work well in your kitchen. Hardwood flooring is durable, elegant and timeless. Tiles are practical and easy to clean. Marble and tile floors are also used in traditional kitchens. Traditional tiles can be bolder with mosaic patterns seen.

Modern style kitchens use tiles neutral  in colours from cream to white and beige. Furnishings include smooth surfaces made from stainless steel, glass, chrome or light coloured woods. Modern style kitchens display clean lines, open space and minimalism. Modern kitchens are light, airy and comfortable with lots of natural light flowing in. Flooring in modern kitchens has a minimalistic theme. Floors are usually wood, stone, laminated or cement and in most cases they are left bare.

Installing a kitchen island in your kitchen

Kitchen islands are a popular home improvement idea in Scottish kitchens. Kitchen islands work well in open-plan kitchens to encourage socialising, informal meals and an area to prepare food. If you install a bespoke kitchen island unit there will also be storage space benefits. The price of a kitchen island varies greatly. A small workbench kitchen island can cost  £250 to around £2,700 for a kitchen company to install the kitchen island for you. For a bespoke design it can cost more with luxury worktop martials and bespoke storage. It depends on your budget and needs. 

Tying together the kitchen renovation areas you will concentrate on to determine how much a new kitchen will cost in Scotland

In the UK a basic kitchen renovation will cost approximately £5,700 – £17,100. It is recommended to visit a kitchen company in Scotland to discuss the various home improvement ideas their kitchen designer has to improve your kitchen. You will need to assess the layout of your kitchen and try not move the sink or stove as that will mean moving plumbing and electrical work. You can save money by buying less appliances and keeping the functional ones. Choosing your worktop and splashback material wisely will save money. Opting for ready-to-install cabinetry and not bespoke cabinetry will keep expenses lower too. You can choose to reface your cabinetry and only replace the doors to keep expenses down too. Refacing cabinetry on average in a small kitchen can start at £350. An average-sized kitchen  will cost around £500 and large kitchens in the region of £750 to £1,000 for large kitchens. 

Choosing LED lighting saves on energy bills and is cost-effective. A pendant light is more luxuriant and expensive. The flooring in your kitchen can be laminate at a cheaper rate or hardwood flooring on the more expensive end. Installing a kitchen island provides an entertainment area, storage area, and work station. A small workbench kitchen island can cost  £250 to around £2,700 for a kitchen company to install the kitchen island for you. With the help of your kitchen designer at the kitchen company you are using in Scotland and these home improvement ideas, you are on the way to creating the kitchen of your dreams from approximately £5,700 – £17,100. It will be well worth it!