Finding the right appliances for your kitchen will make cooking, cleaning and meal time all the more enjoyable. If you are using your existing kitchen layout and deciding to replace appliances or if you’re remodeling your current kitchen design, the layout of the space within your kitchen influences which appliances you choose to buy. Think about what you use your kitchen for and any architectural constraints. You need to generate a budget for your refreshed kitchen that will cover expenses. It’s a handy idea to visit your local kitchen showroom in the Scotland area to see what they offer. If you want to do a remodel, they may manage the process from design to fitment. Or they can recommend and source appliances for you if you are simply upgrading your appliances. Usually, kitchen showrooms have a price list of all the necessary appliances for you to browse through.

Determining what you use your kitchen for

When you plan your new kitchen it’s important to think about your family’s lifestyle. Then you can ask your kitchen company of choice’s kitchen designer or one that you have hired to consider the way you use your kitchen in meal preparation, cleaning and entertaining in the design process. If you like entertaining you could add a warming drawer, ice machine and a bigger oven. If you have young children and a busy family a speed cooking oven will save on meal time preparation. We recommend drawing up a wish list to align your needs with the right appliances before you start buying them.

Styles and aesthetics of your appliances

After figuring out your appliances budget and your functional needs, you can choose styles and an aesthetic that will blend in well with your kitchen design. If you want a luxury kitchen, stainless steel appliances are a popular choice. Stainless steel lasts well and is durable and easy to look after and clean. Some people choose to integrate their appliances into their kitchen space using custom-made panels. A cabinet maker from the kitchen company you have chosen can make these to size for you according to the size of your appliances. When you investigate which appliances to buy, consider if you prefer handles, knobs, a touchscreen set-up or illumination. If you are not sure which of these you like most, try creating a mood board displaying the various styles and look you are after.

Visiting your Scotland-based kitchen showroom of choice

As mentioned, it is a very handy idea to visit a kitchen showroom if you are based in the Scotland area. The kitchen design team will show you a catalogue of finished kitchens and can explain in detail about the appliances that you choose from to fit a certain theme and style of kitchen. The showroom will give you an idea of appliances that the kitchen fitment team has fitted in kitchens already and can source them from manufacturers for you. They will be able to show you colour schemes and the type of kitchen that suits a specific type of appliance. You can outline your budget. If you are moving electrical fixtures or creating new plumbing points the kitchen company design team will be able to best advise on this. Or if it’s a simple appliances overhaul, you can get a better sense of what prices your required appliances are.

Choosing your cooking appliances

When it comes to your oven you have a choice between a range or cooktop. Do you prefer an individual cooktop and wall oven, a combination or free-standing range which incorporates the cooktop and oven in one unit? There are pros and cons with both options. If you cook meals that begin by using the burner and then you finish them in the oven, the proximity of the range would likely be preferred. Free-standing ranges are more affordable and easier to install. If you cook alongside other family members, the separate areas offered by a cooktop and wall oven may be the better option. You will be choosing your oven largely based on the space and layout of your kitchen and the budget you have set aside for it. An open kitchen with limited wall space or a smaller kitchen may mean you can’t find space for a separate wall oven.

Choosing between gas and electric ovens

Ranges come in gas, electric or combination configurations. Gas ranges have iron burner grates. Combination ovens are popular with electric ovens and gas cooktops. You will need to decide on a size of range for your kitchen’s layout. Standard ranges are 30, 36 and 48 inches. Cooktops come in a choice of gas, electric or induction. Electric radiant and induction provide a seamless, modern aesthetic and are easier to clean than the option of a gas cooktop. Induction is energy-efficient and heats up pans faster than the other options. To note is that induction cooktops require cooking pots that have a high amount of ferrous metal in them due to the heat being transferred by magnetic interaction from the coils to the pan.

Choosing a wall oven

Ovens are available in a standard size of 27 and 30 inches with single or double configuration. Double ovens suit a cook who has a large family and will work well if you have the right amount of space to install them. Wall ovens cannot be fitted with custom panel fronts but can be fitted underneath your worktop or flush with your cabinetry carried out by the kitchen company should they offer this service.

Convection ovens are another option. They use a fan to distribute the air inside the oven clockwise and counter-clockwise for even cooking. Convection ovens allow you to use more than one item at once. Convection ovens also mean reduced cooking time, meaning you can save on electricity bills.

Choosing a speed-cooking oven

Speed-cooking ovens are a hybrid between a convection and microwave oven. These ovens are perfect for people with busy lifestyles and are a good choice for the cook that wants the benefits of a double oven set-up in a smaller kitchen space. Make sure when you buy your speed-cooking oven you choose the correct voltage for your location.

Ensuring you have ventilation set up for your oven and stove

You can choose from a wall-mounted hood or an island hood or a downdraft ventilation system. Ventilation systems remove steam as well as heat and smells from the cooking. They also help keep your cabinetry and appliances clean and avoid grease build-up. The most important aspect of a ventilation system is to note the fan’s ability to move air. This is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. For the best ventilation, the required amount is 1 CFM per 100 BTUs- the heat output of your cooktop. Also take note of lighting and warming lamps.

Deciding on which fridge and freezer to buy

There are three types of fridges that you can choose from to incorporate into your kitchen. These are freestanding fridges, built-in fridges and built-in integrated fridges. Freestanding fridges can stock a lot of food and are easily moved around within your kitchen space. They do not sit flush with kitchen worktops. Built-in fridges are normally taller than the freestanding alternative but sit flush with worktops. Column fridges or integrated fridges blend in for a seamless look alongside your cabinetry. Each of the three choices can be found in a host of sizes to meet your food carrying capacity needs. You also need to decide on the configuration. French door fridges have a bottom freezer suited to children or you can choose a top-drawer freezer style. If you have a lot of frozen food to store you will need a bigger fridge with a separate freezer. This will also depend on the space available in your kitchen layout. Fridges can come with an ice machine and water dispenser which are popular in Scotland and you can source your favourite fridge at your local kitchen showroom. Or you can buy a separate ice maker. The price list and catalogue at the showroom will give you a better idea of fridges on offer. Also, by looking at the kitchen overhauls the company does you can ascertain which fridge you like the look of most for your style of kitchen.

Ensuring you have additional refrigeration space

Refrigeration drawers consist of an additional under-counter refrigeration drawer meaning you will have extra fridge space. Buying beverage fridges and wine chillers can also come in handy if you have a big family or entertain a lot. You can store your wines, ciders and beers in an alcoholic beverages fridge.

Investing in an ice maker

Ice makers are a good accompaniment to an alcoholic beverage machine. With a dedicated ice machine, entreating will be a breeze and you won’t have to buy ice at your local liquour store ahead of time.

Selecting an appropriate dishwasher

Choose a style of dishwasher that fits in with the aesthetic in your kitchen, one that looks good alongside your other new appliances. Most dishwashers are fitted flush with worktops while integrated dishwashers that blend in with your cabinetry using custom panels is a popular choice too. Look into the cleaning features. A dishwasher with a range of cycles will work according to your cleaning needs. If you wash dishes a lot, look at models that work on a variety of soil-levels. If you entertain a lot, a dishwasher that takes wine glasses with long stems will work for you and dishwashers with a delicate cycle for finer dinnerware will be a plus too. Also, take into account how loud your dishwasher will be. This is measured in decibels and one producing 45 decibels or less will be most quiet.

Dishwashers usually come in a standard size of 24-inch width or the smaller option of 18-inch width suited to small spaces. Eco-conscious customers should look into a dishwasher’s energy consumption as well as water usage. Look for a model with superior energy efficiency and the added bonus of being less harsh on the environment.

Choosing the most appropriate washing machine and tumble dryer

In your kitchen, you may decide you want a laundry section in which case you will need to buy a washing machine and tumble dryer. Or you can upgrade your current washing machine and tumble dryer. Washing machines are either freestanding or integrated. This choice is dependent on how much space you have available in your kitchen. Your tumble dryer will be fitted next to your washing machine and you may need an electrician to fit an additional plug point for you. This can also be done by the fitment team of the kitchen company you have chosen to make use of if they offer that service. Or you will need a plumber and electrician to work on the fitment areas.

Choosing a freestanding washing machine

Freestanding washing machines aren’t fitted into an in-built kitchen. Usually they are fitted below a worktop or against a wall in the kitchen. Freestanding washing machines are more common as most kitchens are not always in-built as they cost more. You will need a plug point and drain pipe for a freestanding washing machine. There are more choices available in freestanding units.

Choosing an integrated washing machines

Integrated washing machines give a single surface aesthetic because all the surfaces are covered by a uniform layer meaning your kitchen will look seamless. Integrating the appliance into the kitchen cabinetry or unit is very important to certain homeowners. It will fit in with a kitchen overhaul where the aim is that everything looks hidden away and tidy. Many integrated washing machines are installed on a lower cupboard unit. You can get them installed at chest level for loading and unloading the washing machine. This is dependent on the overall layout. An integrated washing machine’s face can be covered by a door matching the rest of your in-built kitchen. It is more expensive than a freestanding unit but seamless and aesthetically pleasing overall. The instalment of this integrated machine can possibly be done by the kitchen company you visited. They can custom make any cabinetry additions to integrate your washing machine for a seamless aesthetic.

Deciding on which tumble dryer to invest in

Tumble dryers that make use of energy-saving technology are handy. Heat pump tumble dryers use less energy than vented versions and will help you save on electricity bills. So this is something to consider when selecting your favourite choice. High-tech tumble dryers have unique settings available such as Baby clothes protection technology. This cycle can run at an hour-long protecting your baby’s clothes and gives deeper sterilisation of clothes. You will need to decide on the size of your tumble dryer. They range from 3 to – 9kg. The size you choose will be dependent on the size of your kitchen, your budget and how big your family is affecting how many loads of clothes tumble drying you will need to do.

Selecting smaller appliances

You will need several smaller appliances. These would be a microwave, kettle, toaster, blender, coffee machine and possibly a toasted cheese griller. The kitchen company you whose services you have decided to make use of will as mentioned have a catalogue as well as price list on hand for you to browse. Also in looking at the finished kitchens they have fitted you will see what appliances are on trend in the Scotland area.

Choosing the best microwave for your needs

Microwaves come in handy for reheating coffee and leftovers, for the defrost function, cooking frozen meals, making popcorn and even cooking vegetables. Microwaves start at 0.5 cubic feet and are inexpensive. Midrange models are between 0.9 and 1.6 cubic feet. If they are within this size they will fit on your countertop. Microwaves start at 600 watts with mid-size microwaves from 900 – 1000 watts. Features to look out for are intuitive controls, “time-cook” allowing you to manually set cooking time and “express cook” for instant warming. An ”Add 30 seconds” button is useful. Considering pre-programmed cooking settings helps such as settings to cook a variety of foods like popcorn, beverages, pizza, frozen or warm-up meals and vegetables. A defrost function that can be set according to time or weight helps too.

How to choose the best kettle for your needs

Kettles nowadays have a 30-minute keep warm option if you are looking at a high-tech kettle. Simple controls, accuracy and temperature settings should be considered. They should boil your water in 5 minutes or less. The spout should pour neatly. The safety features like lids being cool to the touch are aspects to consider. Kettles using less plastic are recommended and if they do use plastic should be heat resistant. Kettles to look out for are stainless steel, ceramic, or even glass. Lastly, they should be easy to clean.

How to choose the best toaster for your kitchen

Features to consider in selecting a toaster are slot sizes for your bread, defrosting and reheating options. Having a cancel button helps too. A crumb tray makes cleaning easy. Look at your style of toaster and its colour to make sure it fits in with your kitchen style.

How to choose the best blender for your needs

If you like making nut butters, thick vegetable soup and salsa you will need a high-end blender with a strong motor and a variety of chopping settings. Speciality blenders can make smoothies, crush ice, purees, soups, baby food, ice-cream, nut butter and can grind down nuts and seeds as well as mix batter and make dough. If you only use a blender for smoothies, soups and cocktails choose a full-size blender that can puree ingredients and crush ice. They are moderately priced, not as powerful but do the job well, particularly for smoothies. Personal blenders or mini blenders are smaller and make 1 or 2 servings at a time. They work well if you don’t have ample worktop or storage space. Their pitcher sizes and blades vary. They work well for smoothies and shakes not heavy blending. Immersion/ hand blenders are long and cylindrical and must be submerged when blending.

Choosing the most appropriate coffee machine for your kitchen

There are a variety of coffee machine types. There is French-press, the pour-over option, cold brew as well as pod machines. The automated drip coffee machine is the most popular and convenient. It can be in-built. The kitchen company you are using can fit the machine for you and customise cabinetry around it. Or it can be freestanding. Common features are permanent filters, multiple servings, pause and pour and an auto-shutdown programmable up to 4 hours. There are machines available with a stainless-steel carafe to keep coffee fresh after brewing, a scale to weigh the grounds, precise temperature controls and even LED display. High-end machines come with a front-load basket and a removable water holder. High-end automatic drip coffee machines are more expensive than the other options with more features to ensure superior cups of coffee.

Using an expert kitchen company to help you source and possibly fit the best appliances for your needs

Having visited the kitchen showroom of your choice you will have found a price list of a range of appliances to choose from for your kitchen. The showroom consultant will advise on the best appliances suited to your kitchen space, layout and budget. They may give you a price list of the appliances they would recommend. If you want integrated appliances such as an integrated washing machine, tumble dryer and coffee machine, the kitchen company may be able to design the in-built features  surrounding these appliances for you ensuring a seamless kitchen appliance revamp experience. After you figure out the placing, the company can possibly help with fitment of plumbing and electrical fixtures. With an expert kitchen company by your side, you will be kitted out with the latest appliances all within budget. The kitchen of your dreams with easy-to-use, well-functioning appliances is within reach!