Building a unique handcrafted kitchen


Do you have a dream of renovating your kitchen using beautifully-finished handcrafted cabinetry and knobs, stools as well as hand-painted tiling for your backsplash? There are many kitchen companies in Scotland that can make your dream of a handcrafted kitchen become a reality. Handcrafted cabinetry is also known as bespoke cabinetry and is measured and uniquely crafted by hand to fit your kitchen space. You can finish this cabinetry with hand-made knobs. Another area where you can make use of handcrafted materials is the tiling on your backsplash. This can be a feature in your kitchen area. If you plan on creating a kitchen island it can also be a bespoke cabinet with storage area and a worktop and your stools or chairs can be well-handcrafted and have a unique custom-made flair.


Before you start create a list of what works in your current kitchen and where you would like to make changes. If you visit your local Scotland-based kitchen showroom there will be a host of options and styles to choose from down to the colours you want to use. Making use of a kitchen company is very handy with some kitchen companies are able to design your kitchen as well as fit it. Before you visit one have a figure in mind for your budget so that the designer can work according to a set budget guideline.


Designing the perfect handcrafted kitchen

Depending on which kitchen company you choose, some offer to design your kitchen as well as do all plumbing, electrical work and fitment. Others offer cabinetry design, installment and countertop installment only while you find your own designer. If you are choosing a kitchen company that oversees the entire process they sometimes offer a free design and quote so opt for that to set the ball rolling and see how you can work with this company of your choice to get the kitchen you have always dreamed of. If you plan on using a kitchen company in the Scotland area that only does the handcrafting of the cabinetry and then fits them as well as the cutting to size of the worktops and fitment of them, then you will need to source a kitchen designer elsewhere to draw up your kitchen designs. The kitchen company will then work together with your designer to create a unique and inviting handcrafted kitchen.


Choosing the style for your handcrafted kitchen

It’s a good idea to visit your local Scotland-based kitchen showroom to see what their finished product catalogue looks like. You can browse through options to see which look and feel you are after. Kitchens can be made with custom-made cabinetry or bespoke cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry or with off-the-shelf cabinets. You have chosen custom-made or bespoke handcrafted cabinetry for your kitchen. The benefit of bespoke cabinetry is that it can be custom made according to the size and shape of your kitchen. Each cabinet is unique and not something you bought ready-made that you have to try and squeeze into your kitchen. Bespoke cabinetry has a lovely look when finished.


The style of your kitchen ranges from a traditional, warm, cosy look to a contemporary, sleek stream-lined look. Modern-style kitchens are less cluttered with appliances and food and look more minimalist while traditional kitchens can be seen as homely and less minimalist. The choice is based on what aesthetic look you are after. Do you want a warm, traditional feel or a modern, elegant one? You can discuss these options with your kitchen designer.


The handcrafted cabinetry

The bespoke cabinetry is usually made from hard woods. Wood cabinetry ranges in colour and style based on which material you choose. Options include oak, maple, hickory and ash. Red oak is durable and not too expensive as a material for your kitchen cabinets. It comes in a wide range of styles and finishes with visible grain patterns and is appropriate for custom handcrafted cabinetry. White oak is another option as a material for your bespoke cabinetry. It’s a bit stronger than red oak and is also seen to be durable. Hard maple is a wood type used in custom cabinetry. Maple can be finished with a stained look but more commonly, it is finished with a clear or natural finish for a contemporary look. Hickory is a more rare choice for custom cabinets but has been used in kitchen island units. It has a more rustic appeal. Ash is used in custom cabinetry handiwork. It has a light colour and is a straight grain wood with a contemporary flair when finished with a clear or natural finish. They style of kitchen you have chosen will tie in with which wood you choose and if you want a modern or traditional look.


The choice of wood is dependent on aesthetic appeal and pricing of the material and craftsmanship that goes with it. The woods above mentioned vary in cost so it’s best to speak to a kitchen design expert at your nearest Scotland-based kitchen showroom. You will find out which woods they work with and which wood suits your ideal kitchen alongside the budget you have set aside for your kitchen remodel. The knobs you finish off your cabinetry with can be hand-made, either wooden or painted ceramic.


Choosing your countertops to match your cabinetry

Worktops should complement the wood cabinetry that you plan to install in your kitchen. Your choice of countertop will be dependent on the style and theme of your kitchen. If you are using a kitchen company that will carry out the kitchen design, discuss with them the options of materials they have in store. Popular choices are quartz, marble and granite and solid wood. Depending on your budget these options are quite expensive but very durable and appropriate to handcrafted kitchens. There are cheaper options that you can investigate in terms of cheaper woods covered in laminate that can be customised to shape. There is a broad selection of laminate coverings available in a selection of colours to fit in with the theme of your kitchen. This would be more appropriate if you have a smaller budget to work with.


Creating your handcrafted kitchen island

Kitchen islands can act as a central focal point for your kitchen. Once you have consulted the kitchen company’s designer or your own designer you can choose a wooden cabinet to create your kitchen island. It will come with a work countertop which will act as a cooking and prepping surface as well as a seating area. Your countertop would look best if it’s made out of the same material as the other countertops in the kitchen. The colour of your kitchen island will need to fit in with the colour of the other cabinetry in the kitchen. If you are using neutral tones for a contemporary feel then stick with that colour palette. If you are using finished wood then keep the same theme, and if you are painting your cabinetry it is important to keep within the same colour regime for continuity. Kitchen islands are a wonderful use of space as they double up as a work counter and dining area. If you like having your family in the kitchen while you make a meal then this would be ideal. If you host dinner parties, you can also serve your delicious home-made meal from your kitchen island. Kitchen islands are popular due to their convenience and multi-purpose uses.


The seating for your kitchen island

The seating surrounding your kitchen island can make use of bespoke furniture pieces. You can choose handcrafted wooden stools or chairs that match the style and colour choice within the kitchen as a whole. Wooden furniture that is handmade will act as a statement as handcrafted wooden furniture is beautiful when on display and these chairs or stools will be in the centre island of the room tying the theme together. If you are choosing a traditional style of kitchen chunkier seating stools or chairs will go better. If you are looking for a modern finish slimmer legged stools and chairs would fit in better aesthetically.


Designating an area for your pantry

As the cook in your household cooking, baking and meal preparation are important to you. Organisation of your kitchen space will be critical to you and how well your revamped kitchen functions for daily use. In the beginning phase you can discuss with your kitchen company designer or personally-sourced kitchen designer that you want the countertop surface space to be organised well and you want a pantry area for food storage. Pantries are useful to keep things ordered. Your pantry can be made out of the same wood as all your bespoke cabinetry for continuity of theme. You can put all your tinned foods, rice, lentils and so forth in an area of your pantry. You can also allocate an area to baking ingredients like flours, sugar, food colourants and essences. Some people like to store some appliances in the pantry that they don’t use every day like the food blender be it hand-held or free standing. You may want to store your cheese griller in the pantry too. A pantry works well if you have chosen the modern style kitchen. If you hadn’t you would have more foodstuff visible on the countertops which should remain clutter-free so you can use them easily when preparing meals.


Creating a spice rack display

Do you love a fragrant Indian curry? You can prepare your own Indian dishes easily with a spice rack on display in your kitchen. Spices always add to a meal and it’s convenient to have them on a custom built rack either built into the wall or freestanding that rests on your countertop near your stove. You can order all your spices according to curry powders, chilli, garlic and green spices. Your guests will be able to see them neatly displayed as a feature and you can easily access the right spice when you need it.


Creating an aesthetically-pleasing stove area

The stove options for your handcrafted kitchen can be either electrical or gas or combined gas plates and electric oven. This is up to your personal preference. Some people prefer electrical ovens while others prefer gas. Position your stove near a worktop and have a kitchen sink in the vicinity. Your spice rack will be on one side of the oven. Your stove can be built in to a cabinet if you choose.


It is important to install a backsplash as it will protect your walls from grease and oil used while cooking. If there isn’t a backsplash the wall will get sprayed with cooking oils and sauces and you will most likely need to repaint it. For your backsplash you can put up hand-painted tiles, either imported or local. These tiles must fit in with your overall theme. The tiled backsplash can cover an area behind your oven only. Some people choose to extend the tiles in a pattern around a section of the kitchen. This will be a decorative feature. Choosing white tiles gives a modern, clean look. You may even choose to do a mosaic backsplash. Mosaic work will be done by the kitchen company remodelling your kitchen or if they don’t provide that service you will need to source someone to do the mosaic design on your backsplash for you.


Sourcing handcrafted kitchen utensils and kitchenware

In keeping with the handcrafted theme you could invest in some wooden handcrafted kitchen utensils. Wooden spoons and soup ladles as well as spatulas would look good in your handcrafted kitchen inside a ceramic holder. The kitchen company you decide to use may sell them or be able to source them for you. You can also buy some wooden handmade chopping boards. Some companies make chopping boards from recycled wine barrels. These are chunky and look good due to the superior quality of the wood. It’s also convenient to have a paper towel dispenser in the kitchen. You can get a simple design built in under a cabinet or have a freestanding wooden paper towel dispenser. Your dish cloths need to be hung somewhere to dry and be stored in general. Your kitchen designer can design something like a coat hanger with three or four hooks to hang your dishcloths up. You may also want a bread bin to store fresh bought breads. A wooden handmade bread bin would look trendy and suit both a modern and traditional theme in your handcrafted kitchen. You can even engrave it with the words “Bread Bin” for a rustic feel.


Buying a wooden knife block holder

Every kitchen needs a good set of sharp chef knives to complete it. Investing in a wooden knife block holder where you can slide your knives into the allocated slots will look good amongst the wooden bespoke cabinetry. Knives can be bought from the kitchen company of your choice or your local Scotland-based kitchen store. Make sure to get a variety of knife types, some small for peeling fruit and vegetables and bigger knives for chopping up meat for the latest dish you are preparing.


Choosing appliances that fit in with your handcrafted kitchen

Appliances will always be on display so it’s important to choose them according to your budget and colour scheme. You will need a kettle, toaster, blender, perhaps a grilled cheese maker and microwave. You may also want to install a washing machine and tumble dryer. These appliances are usually metal and silver which will fit in with any colour scheme. If you choose colourful appliances just make sure they will fit in with the overall style of your kitchen. A white washing machine and tumble dryer fits in with any theme. Because your kitchen has a handcrafted theme there will be lots of woods and colours linked to your chosen colour palette. At the outset of the design phase and together with your kitchen designer, decide ahead of time which appliances you will be buying and if you’re putting a clothes washing area into your kitchen too. The layout will affect the flow and functionality of the kitchen so the kitchen designer of your choice will be vital to a smooth end product and making your dream handcrafted kitchen come to life.


Lighting in your handcrafted kitchen

Your lighting will set the mood in your kitchen. Your designer from the kitchen company of your choice will provide you with options. Or if you have sourced your own kitchen designer they will help you source lighting that will fit in with the style of kitchen you have chosen. Down LED lights are popular or hanging lights with lampshades may look good over your kitchen island area. The lampshades should set off well against the backdrop of your kitchen cabinetry and appliances.


Making your dream handcrafted kitchen a reality

Your dream handcrafted kitchen can definitely be achieved. Choosing a kitchen company in the Scotland region that delivers on aesthetically pleasing handcrafted kitchens is first on the agenda. The kitchen company will possibly provide you with a kitchen designer otherwise you will source your own designer. Some kitchen companies provide free quotes and designs so opt for that to start out with. It’s all in the planning and with your kitchen company guiding you through the process this should be plain sailing. Make sure to choose a style that suits your needs and enjoy remodelling your kitchen to get the perfect handcrafted kitchen you have always wanted.