Open plan kitchens have become increasingly popular. They suit a modern informal lifestyle forming the hub of the home. Deciding on an open plan kitchen allows for more socialising during cooking and meal preparation. Important factors to consider are setting out zones across your open plan space, sound control and adding a decorating theme. It’s a helpful idea to visit your local kitchen showroom in Scotland. Some showrooms offer a kitchen design and fitment service and possibly a free quote. We would advise using a kitchen designer who can run through all the ideas you have for your open plan kitchen renovation and can plan the layout together with you

Consider your budget

When you start planning your kitchen remodel you can covert a space into an open plan set-up or you can update an already working open plan kitchen. Before you speak to your kitchen designer work out a budget that you can stick to for the kitchen remodel. It may involve breaking down some walls so you can have a bigger open space with a kitchen-dining area combined which may even be open plan into a living area. When you visit the kitchen showroom in the Scotland area, have some ideas in mind of what you had in mind for your new dream kitchen. You may wish to add new cabinetry, worktops flooring and lighting and perhaps some new appliances for a complete upgrade. If you make a list of what you think functions well in your kitchen and areas of improvement, your kitchen designer will be able to have a better sense of the design and layout elements that will best suit the needs of your family.

Creating a seamless look with your open plan kitchen design

 A kitchen that leads into a dining room and even living room is ideal for our everyday lives. The space needs to be well designed. A decorative theme and style throughout the open plan area will create a seamless look. We will look into the various layouts and themes that work well for functionality, flow and aesthetic appeal. You need to consider how people will move through your open plan room. Movement between zones needs to be unobstructed by furniture. Is the kitchen the right distance away from the seating area? You must consider that cooking noises and clanging pans may make watching TV hard in the linked open plan TV area, so consider the layout.

Tying an L-shaped open plan kitchen together

Some homeowners convert their reception room and knock through to the kitchen to create an L-shaped open plan area. This layout adds more storage and worktop space. To tie the two areas together you can use splashes of colour in both spaces for continuity. You can use metallic legged chairs with another choice of colour that compliments it. If you have black metallic legged bar stools at your kitchen island, you can use dark or black-legged chairs at your kitchen dining table and complement the metallic theme by using black pulls and hardware in your kitchen cabinetry. You can even use dark metallic light fittings and lampshades to continue a seamless theme.

Create zones with different flooring if you choose to

You may choose to differentiate the cooking and meal preparation area from your kitchen dining table area. An interesting way to do this is to use different flooring for each area. You could choose to have a vinyl floored kitchen area and a rustic hardwood floor beneath the dining table. You must make sure the two materials and patterns look good alongside each other. Speak to the kitchen showroom’s designer or employ a designer that can advise you on the best flooring for your open plan design.

Choosing a uniform flooring material

Or you could use the same flooring throughout your open plan kitchen. Your flooring will be set off against your cabinetry and worktops so you will need to consult your kitchen designer to see what options will match what your kitchen will look like. You could choose hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is durable, trendy and water-resistant. Laminate flooring is a warm choice as well as a water-resistant option for your kitchen flooring. It is not waterproof, so bear this in mind if you choose laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a more affordable way of getting the look of hardwood flooring. Tiled floors are popular, durable and a good option for wet kitchen areas. Ceramic tiles are also popular for kitchen walls and floors. They are processed from natural materials and in this case they are made from clay. They are waterproof and can handle almost any stain. Vinyl is possibly the most popular flooring choice over the last few years. The most durable kitchen flooring choice is stained concrete. The finished result is elegant and can be suited to both modern or traditional kitchens.

Preparing your kitchen so it’s functional and family-friendly

There are so many perks to having an open plan kitchen. It makes entertaining family and friends whilst cooking so much easier. The open plan style lends itself to go good flow and transition from area to area. You can also keep an eye on your children while they do their homework. This style of kitchen merges dining, living and entertaining zones.

Planning the layout of your open plan kitchen

You need to consider where your guests will sit while you cook as well as where you would like to eat. Kitchen islands need to be situated away from the work zone so that nobody gets in the way. Skylights are a nice addition that add an element of freshness and light. It’s a nice idea to hang up some art in your kitchen or dining area.

 There will be no walls obstructing light and views so open plan kitchens have a good atmosphere. The working section of the kitchen needs to function ergonomically. It is recommended to use the work triangle layout between the sink, fridge and oven for ease of use. You can use an island to decrease these distances when needed.

Deciding on your colour palette

The colour scheme you choose for your kitchen will tie in with what type of worktops and cabinetry you are going to use. White high-gloss cabinets work well in modern open-plan, kitchens. Speak to your kitchen designer regarding colour choice. Browse kitchen styles at the kitchen showroom and get a sense of what you like. Built-in stainless-steel appliances look sleek. You could even choose fully integrated models behind cabinetry doors if you want a neat style. Many kitchen owners like displaying their appliances. Keep your worktops clutter-free if you are looking for a minimalist, tidy aesthetic.

Open plan kitchens offer a practical way to live providing a space for cooking, relaxing, cooking and entertaining. They provide a sense of togetherness for a modern family. Accented colours can distinguish between different zones such as bold unique colours that create a theme on their own.

Adding an industrial feel to your open plan kitchen

Modern style kitchens are ideal spaces for open plan kitchens. Exposed brick walls, utilitarian windows and an oversized kitchen island work well in open plan setups. Block-like designs and stainless steel can be complemented by muted colours and touches of wood to soften the design making the space feel welcoming.

Open plan kitchens encourage a sociable lifestyle

If you enjoy entertaining a kitchen-dining room is a good solution. You will be part of the action with your guests, not tucked away cooking in the background. Design your space well together with your kitchen designer for the ultimate kitchen remodel. Sleek and elegant cabinetry will store your foodstuff and extra appliances so the worktops are uncluttered.

Creating a perfect open plan kitchen in a smaller space

Not all open plan kitchens are big, if you have a smaller open plan kitchen it can still work really nicely. A compact kitchen will benefit from a tidy layout will all the modern appliances easily accessible. Classic cabinetry painted in a darker colour is an elegant choice especially when it’s offset against a wood floor. Wooden features in an open plan kitchen that’s smaller also work well such as solid wood worktops and wood cabinetry and even wood stools at your kitchen island. A narrow, smaller kitchen can also work well with a longer central kitchen island acting as a worktop and storage area beneath it. When it comes to incorporating the dining aspect, choose a table in a similar colour to your kitchen cabinets so there is continuity. Or getting a round table or glass table works well for smaller kitchen dining areas.

Considering where to place your bigger appliances

If you are planning on upgrading your appliances the kitchen designer from the kitchen showroom can advise you on which the best appliances are in your price range. It helps to draw a floor plan of where your current appliances are. This can be done by you or your kitchen designer. Then you can plan if you want to shift appliances around. For your bigger appliances, you will need a fridge and freezer which can be placed alongside each other. You may also opt for a bar fridge to store your white wine, beers, ciders and tonics. You can choose between white or stainless steel appliances to fit in with your kitchen style or even a more bold colour like a red doored fridge if that’s the look you are going for with unique splashes of colour in your open plan kitchen.

The kitchen showroom will likely have an appliances price list available and the kitchen company can then source the appliances for you. You will also need an oven and stovetop. You can choose fully-gas, electric oven and gas plates or fully-electric. Gas has become increasingly popular for ovens. Your kitchen design fitment team will need to install the gas components for you and any other electrical work will need to be done by an electrician. Next, you may want to invest in a dishwasher that saves on precious family time which would have been spent washing dishes. The dishwasher should be placed close to the sink. Some families like to have a washing machine and tumble dryer set up in their kitchen. Remember to place these appliances out of the way of the food preparation and cooking zone near a plumbing point and plug fitting. Your kitchen designer will help you place your appliances to achieve your dream kitchen.

Considering where to place your smaller appliances

If you are deciding to upgrade your smaller appliances speak to your kitchen designer regarding brands to choose from. Browse through the kitchen company you have chosen’s appliances catalogue and get a sense of what you want. You will need a microwave, kettle, toaster, blender and a coffee machine. You can typically choose white smaller appliances or stainless-steel as standard neutral option for your kitchen. Or you could choose colourful smaller appliances if you want to add colour to your kitchen.

Choosing the best microwave for your needs

Microwaves can be used for reheating coffee and leftovers, for defrosting, cooking frozen meals, making popcorn and even cooking vegetables. Midrange models are between 0.9 and 1.6 cubic feet. If they are up to this size they will fit on your countertop. Microwaves start at 600 watts with mid-size microwaves from 900 – 1000 watts. Functions to look out for are intuitive controls, “time-cook” allowing you to manually set cooking time and “express cook” for instant warming. An ”Add 30 seconds” button is useful.

Choosing the best kettle for your needs

Kettles can be quite high-tech with a 30-minute keep warm option. Simple controls, accuracy and temperature settings should be considered. Kettles should boil your water in 5 minutes or less. The spout should offer a neat pouring function. Kettles to consider buying are stainless steel, ceramic, or even glass.

How to choose the best toaster for your kitchen

When you choose a toaster to look at slot sizes for your bread, defrosting and reheating options. If it has a cancel button it helps too so you can prevent over-toasting your bread.

How to choose the best blender for your needs

If you make nut butter, vegetable soup, and salsa you will need a high-end blender with a variety of chopping settings. Specialty blenders can make smoothies, crush ice, purees, soups, baby food, ice-cream, nut butter and can grind down nuts and seeds as well as mix batter and make the dough. If you only use a blender for making smoothies, soups and cocktails choose a full-size blender that can puree ingredients. They are moderately priced, not as powerful but do the job well, particularly for smoothies.

Choosing your favourite coffee machine for your open plan kitchen

When it comes to coffee making there is a variety of coffee machine types. There is French-press, the pour-over option, cold brew as well as pod machines. The automatic drip coffee machine is the most popular choice. It can be in-built. The kitchen company you are using can fit the machine for you and customise cabinetry around it. Or it can be freestanding. Common features are permanent filters, multiple servings, pause and pour and an auto-shutdown programmable up to 4 hours.

Deciding on lighting in your open plan kitchen

You may choose to use small recessed ceiling lights to create a lot of light in your open plan kitchen. You could add pendant lights hanging over the dining table for eating. Putting track lights hang over the counter with pendant lights hanging above the dining table works well too. This adds a focal point in your kitchen. You can even add a floor lamp between your kitchen and the living area to brighten the space. Overhead lights are available in a variety of styles and can be spread out through your kitchen. You may even choose to add an under cabinet light. Speak to your kitchen designer for the best advice on lighting styles that will brighten and warm up your kitchen.

Achieving your open plan kitchen remodel dreams

Creating the perfect open plan kitchen linked to dining and sometimes living areas can be achieved with the help of your local Scotland-based kitchen company’s kitchen designer. Consider your budget and discuss your ideas and style choices for your kitchen overhaul. You will need to think about the space’s layout, you may need to bash down walls, you will need to possibly buy and re-position appliances in your kitchen. Your flooring can be uniform or split into kitchen and dining areas with two types of flooring creating separate zones. Lighting ideas will also be discussed and fitted by the kitchen design team. With the help of a kitchen company and kitchen designer, you are well on your way to creating the perfect open plan kitchen.