Galley kitchens are a space-saving solution for smaller-sized homes. Kitchens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but usually appear in five different layouts: L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, one-wall, and galley. Galley kitchens are appropriate for cooking and maximising space. Galley kitchens are long and narrow with upper and lower cabinets in a walkway-type set-up. The makings of the kitchen- the appliances, storage space and countertops run along two parallel areas forming a corridor. We will look into 18 top ways to revamp your small galley kitchen. We recommend visiting a kitchen showroom in the Scotland area where the showroom consultant can show you small galley kitchen ideas that the kitchen fitment team have worked on. Then perhaps the kitchen company can do the remodel of your small galley kitchen for you. The kitchen designer will have a variety of small galley kitchen ideas to share with you suited to small galley kitchens and will also have small narrow galley kitchen ideas to show you.

The meaning of “galley” kitchen

“Galley” refers to kitchens that are found on ships, planes and trains whereby the elongated space works into the hallway-like floor plans. Galley kitchens are now found in homes too. Galley kitchens are a wonderful option for smaller-sized homes for space-saving reasons. They are more common in apartments that are smaller in size and older homes where the kitchens aren’t meant as a social space. It is also popular to have a galley-style kitchen in a larger home. They add a sleek, organised feel to an open concept area.

The pros of a galley kitchen

The layout of a galley kitchen is the most efficient for cooking. Usually people create a “work triangle” in kitchens. This means if you were to draw lines from the sink to the stove then to the fridge it would form a triangle. This provides the best flow for the cook. In a galley kitchen, it’s the perfect layout for a work triangle. It maximises space. Galley kitchens cover a small area leaving space for other rooms in your house. Galley kitchens are relatively low cost and there are many small galley kitchen ideas on a budget that one can make use of. Create a budget for your small galley kitchen remodel before you begin. Galley kitchens are small, need less cabinets and countertops which can be pricey in a kitchen remodel.

1. Assessing the small galley kitchen space

The galley kitchen forms a central corridor. Galley layout works well for all kitchen styles. Many professional chefs prefer this design as it enhances safety and efficiency whilst cooking. Similar to a compact galley on ships, galley designs utilise space well by putting in a big amount of storage and work area- ideal for the small kitchen set-up. Galley kitchens are usually an enclosed space excluding a dining area. If there is no way of opening up the space it doesn’t lend itself to a very sociable set-up. But a galley layout in an open plan space incorporates the best of both worlds.

2. Choosing the look for your galley kitchen

Galley kitchens have two preferential layout choices namely symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical small galley kitchens usually means the runs and arrangements of units on each side of the corridor usually mirror each other as much as possible or as much as you would like. Asymmetrical layouts involves placing tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side of the room while base as well as wall units are placed on the other side of the room. Or you may want to mix tall and wall units along one side of the kitchen with a single row of base unites on the other. This is suited to an open plan space.

Appealing small galley kitchen design is achieved by working well with the small area you have available. Small galley kitchen floor plans are a good idea to work on at the outset of your kitchen remodel. The kitchen designer from the kitchen company you are using will draw up small galley kitchen ideas based on the small galley kitchen floor plan they have devised for your brand new kitchen look and feel.

3. Choosing to put tall cabinets on one wall

If you’re designing a galley kitchen it’s a good idea to incorporate a wall length of at least 12 feet so that the sink and stove top are far away enough from one another. For the sake of safety they should be at least three feet apart. A run of 12 feet leaves space for the sink, with cabinets below the stove top. 12 feet means there’s enough space on the opposite sun for the fridge, the oven, pantry and storage space. This will keep the kitchen neat and tidy as well as clutter-free. Small galley kitchen design ideas make the best of space and orientation of big appliances. Small galley kitchen ideas in the UK are designed to make the best use of the space available to the kitchen designer. The kitchen company you are using can show you a catalogue of completed small galley kitchens and you can decide which style and layout you like most.

4. Choosing to break up the run in your small galley kitchen

Another small galley kitchen idea you may prefer an asymmetrical layout for your kitchen with tall and base units lined along the same wall. If your wall is just over 12 feet long, it is possible to have 3 tall units at one end and three base units on the other side. It is normal to have wall units, as well as floating shelves or a window right above the base units. On the opposite side, there would be wall units, shelves a window or even blank wall. If you have a narrow galley kitchen this idea will work well. There would be a tall area of units as you enter the kitchen. Leaving the rest feeling more spacious.

5. Making use of a galley corridor in your kitchen

Depending on the floor plan and rooms in your home, galley kitchens can sometimes be closed off on one end. If the other end goes into another room or leads into the garden it will get heavy foot traffic from the family living in the home. You can maximise the safety of your galley kitchen layout especially when the corridor is very narrow by orientating your kitchen by placing the sink and cooktop in the same run. Although this is less efficient than having these elements opposite each other, you won’t have to move across to the opposite run with dangerous items in your hands.

6. Making the best use of a closed-off kitchen wall

With a galley kitchen that is closed off at one side, it can be a safer layout. This is because there will be one entrance, meaning the cook will have a better awareness of people coming and going in the kitchen area. You need to decide how to make the best use of this wall space. If there’s a window it’s important to not block out the natural light streaming into your kitchen. If you buy a stool to place at the far end you can sit there to write shopping lists or speak to a friend or family member on the phone. Small galley kitchen design is enhanced by making careful use of the space you have available.
There may be room for an open shelf, a painting or piece of art of a fun family-friendly chalkboard for drawings or shopping lists. A mirror hanging on the wall is also a good use of space as it makes the room look bigger. This is a small galley kitchen idea worth trying.

7. Adding a kitchen island to your small galley kitchen

Adding a kitchen island to your kitchen is a small galley kitchen idea that works if there’s enough space makes a kitchen more suitable for socialising. In this case the island replaces one of the runs forming the kitchen layout and functionality. It will be located parallel to the longer run of units and usually contains either the range or the sink. The one that’s not positioned in the island will be seen on the opposite run and not directly opposite. It will be staggered. This is more safe and efficient for cooking as it means there is less turning required between the sink and the stove. These small galley kitchen ideas can be completed on a budget according to how much you want to spend.

8. Adding seating to your kitchen island

If you have a family with young children they will need somewhere to sit at meal times. You can add seating at the far side of the kitchen island keeping the children away from the cooking area and creating the ideal sociable set-up where the cook and can interact with family or friends seated at the kitchen island. Kitchen island also offer a storage unit underneath the countertop to store dishware or appliances.

You could also consider adding a small peninsula or even a breakfast bar as a small galley kitchen layout idea. This provides more storage and a dining space. If the peninsula is at the far end of the kitchen it’s away from the cooking zone and the seating would be on the far side. If there is enough room to add a table between the two runs this can work. You need to plan the space carefully so speak to the kitchen designer at the kitchen company you are using for input and ideas.

9. Creating a sense of space in your small galley kitchen

You will get lots of advice on small galley kitchen remodel ideas from the kitchen company you are working with. Homeowners typically avoid creating a corridor type layout in a small galley kitchen which would feel small and enclosed. There are means to prevent this. As discussed not using continuous tall units and rather using wall units or shelving opens the kitchen up. The furniture you choose to use also adds to a sense of space. High-gloss finished on pale-coloured units reflect light and add a sense of more space. Doors as well as drawers with no handles gives a clean, minimalist look and take up less space then handled doors.

10. Creating the right lighting in your small galley kitchen with a stylish look

There are many small galley kitchen lighting ideas that your kitchen designer will discuss with you. Galley Kitchen Lighting provides the necessary light to brighten up a small area. You could try some hanging bulbs in a variety of sizes for a stylish look. Try five bulbs in different shapes from smallest to largest. Each bulb will hang off its own wire from the ceiling. This lighting idea for your small galley kitchen is unique and makes a statement. The lighting will hang above the countertops.

11. Choosing pendant lighting in your small galley kitchen

This is a modified take on vintage lighting by using a pendant lighting effect. You could try a chandelier-inspired light that looks like a birdcage in metal. It will look vintage and sturdy. It can hang above your kitchen island if you have one or centrally above countertops. The pendant small galley lighting kitchen idea is unique and elegant.

12. Choosing in-built galley kitchen lighting

You can add two in-built circular lamps in the walking area of your galley kitchen. This is the most common choice of area to add this type of lighting in galley kitchens. This will disperse light to all corners of the kitchen. In-built lighting blends in well in a minimalist-style kitchen. It suits a simple-styled kitchen too. The in-built lighting works alongside pendant lighting and natural light from the kitchen windows.

13. Choosing vivid galley kitchen lighting

A galley kitchen is designed to be bright and vibey. That would be a main focus in a corridor-style galley kitchen. Placing pendant lighting above the kitchen countertops will help achieve this. The very bright light in this area helps with any activities in a narrow galley kitchen. You can also add one lamp.

14. Choosing DIY galley kitchen lighting

You can use small bulbs in your galley kitchen with a creative addition. To widely spread the light from the bulb, reuse transparent covers. Put the bulbs inside the covers. This will disperse the light even further across the kitchen than before. Then hang them from the ceiling at a height suggested by the kitchen designer you are using. The kitchen company that you visited can show you a host of small galley kitchen lighting ideas for you to choose from.

15. Choosing homey mounted lamps for your galley kitchen

In a kitchen whose theme is mostly black and white with minimalist design and carefully- chosen kitchen appliances you can complement the look and feel in the use of lighting. Match the colouring by choosing two big flush mounted lamps. The lamps add ample light to the kitchen. They should be large in size creating a centrepiece. This form of lighting is classic and brings in a homey, welcoming feel.

16. Choosing small lamps for your small galley kitchen

There will be a straight holder that houses the small lamps on the ceiling that will face in different directions. This will disperse the light right across the kitchen. With all the different lamps on at the same time there will be enough light to work in your kitchen at night time when preparing supper. We would also recommend adding under-cabinet lighting when using a sequence of small lamps.

17. Choosing your colour scheme in your small galley kitchen

White, off-white and natural wood finishes on cabinetry and countertops are popular in galley kitchens. White adds a sense of space and elegance. Brown, copper and blue also works well. Picture natural stone surfaces, medium-brown cabinets, limestone backsplashes, granite countertops and slate tile floors with pale khaki or beige walls. Charcoal, dove grey and silvery grey is another trendy colour scheme you may decide upon for your galley kitchen design idea. When there is not a lot of difference between walls, countertops and wood finished a kitchen space looks bigger than it is. The colours will also complement each other. Mint green, aqua and white also transpire well in a small galley kitchen. This colour combination adds a calming feel and shows the link between minty pastels and aqua hues. White surfaces add brightness. The overall look is classic and sleek.

Tying together all the ways of revamping your small galley kitchen

These 17 ways of revamping your small galley kitchen add ideas to the table that you can incorporate to create the small galley kitchen you have always dreamed of. Having visited your local Scotland-based kitchen company and having spoken to the kitchen designer you are well on your way to reaching your galley kitchen goals. You will need a budget in place before you start. You will then need to decide on appliance orientation and how you will orientate your runs and cabinetry on either side of the run. You will also consider adding a kitchen island and seating for friends and family should space allow it. Lighting adds to the room and we have provided a host of small galley kitchen lighting ideas for you to choose from. Finally, the colour scheme in your kitchen will be the finishing touch to getting the look and feel you are looking for in your small galley kitchen. The ideal small galley kitchen can be achieved with our galley kitchen revamp ideas and the assistance of the kitchen company you are using and the kitchen designer who will help you design the perfect galley kitchen.